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The Fabulous Josh

A Council Estate Queer Clown from Buckland

Josh is a performance-based artist working within a variety of disciplines, focused on bringing community activism with colourful accessibility. Drawing inspiration from working class culture The Fabulous Josh explores LGBTQ+ identity through pop culture, using their own autobiography as the practice helping manoeuvre important and poignant questions about what It means to be an ‘artist’ and ‘activist’

From nightclubs and galleries to community centres and theatres Josh eagerly lisps about all things queer, class and local – showing up and showing off.

As an award winning community activist Josh’s  work within this sector directly feeds into the art created, trying to find meaningful ways to bridge gaps with communities but also to find a place where ‘community art’ has value and integrity, they do this through their company Downtown exploring the Portsmouth landscape to create bridges and physical spaces in the heart of Portsmouth, starting conversations on identity, placement and belonging, whether that’s through garden parties, workshops or classic cabaret performances.

Previous Projects

‘Downtown Disco’ (radio)
Express FM, Portsmouth UK

2019 – 2020
‘Out Out’
Portsmouth UK

2018, 2019
‘Downtown: Hey Babe Café’
Portsmouth, UK

‘Downtown: Queer Poetry’
Portsmouth, UK

‘Queer Week: Portsmouth’
Portsmouth, UK

2016 – 2020
‘Knees Up!’
Portsmouth, UK

2016 – 2018
‘Queer Disco’
Portsmouth UK

Current Projects

2021 – Present
‘Colouring Queer’
Portsmouth UK

‘The Queer Disco’ (radio)
Unmade Radio, Portsmouth UK

2019 – 2021
‘Wearing Mums Makeup’
Portsmouth UK