Opal Nights

Opal Nights: a queer storytelling soiree with neon signs, comfy sofas, a mic and a supportive community of fellow iridescent individuals.

Through personal stories Downtown Pompey invite you in with opens arms to the voices of the queer community in Portsmouth. Stories around climbing mountains (literally or figuratively) the baking of a great pie or even the heartbeats (and breaks!) All our stories are autobiographical as told by the storyteller themselves.

Featuring Special Guests soon to be confirmed!

Tickets are £7 with the option to purchase a ‘pay a ticket forward’ for members of the Portsmouth community where attending this might be an issue.

All the money from donations will go into sustaining the payment of our storytellers and back into the projects themselves.

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Supported by: New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, Portsmouth City Council & Awards for All; The National Lottery