Wearing Mum's Makeup

Bridging the gap between Queers & Mums

In 2019 we bought a bunch of Pompey mums together asking questions about identity, health & theatre. The relationship was similar to the experiences of Queer people and the perception of what this means.
After 2 years we’ve created workshops, safe spaces and a community to develop work and create a show.

For years we’ve passed down the brushes, looking back in the mirror at the faces of our predecessors, reimagining their versions of the painted face. We ask; what is the face you want to paint?

Come join as we redefine typical cabaret featuring performances from our local wearing mums makeup artists and collaborators.
It’s a sit down at a table affair with accompanying exhibition and some takeaways.

It’s also pay what you can so you’ve got no excuse?

Funded by Farnham Maltings & Awards for All