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Hello babe, surprise it’s me Courtnee on the blog. This month was the culmination of Sticky Floors & Palm Trees! I’ve been working on this project for eight months but it’s been in the process with Josh for a few years so it’s both a triumph and a bit of sadness to have finished this iteration.

Practice makes perfect

We started our rehearsal process in December but it really got into the swing in January. It’s been so fun building the show as a team and creating from the ground up. We spent our days with metronome runs, costume creation and movement choreography. We filled baskets upon baskets with meals, ate some delicious locally produced food and ate all the sweets! We invited some of our story participants throughout the process to come check out what we had been creating, it was truly beautiful to have them with us in the space.

No buisness like showbuisness 

Show week fast approached and Les with the help of the tech team transformed the stage into a beautiful chic nightclub! We ran the show for four beautiful performances with the team giving it their all. We had some incredible feedback from the audience which made it all worth it.


“Fantastic, fabulously flamboyant! Today’s describing word begins with the letter F, so many other to choose from! Seriously this was truly a festival of fun. Thank you to all involved we LOVED it” 


So glad I got to see this. A fantastic cultural and social commentary. As an oral historian it was a great use of individual memories.”


“This was such a fabulous show. Wasn’t sure what to expect with the immersive experience but it was so powerful and tackled lots of different things. Great to know University of Chichester dance alumni are involved too.

My Mum met my Dad in Joanna’s and I never got the chance to go to it so this really brought it to life.”

Creative Team-

We were very lucky to have an incredible videography team from Carmann Creative and Karl Bailey with Kayci photographing the show so we have lots of content still to share!

What’s Next – 

Well watch this space, you never know when Joannas might throw her doors open again!