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October has been a different month than usual, we’ve been focusing on some of our larger projects and squirreling away organising events for December and beyond! 

Understanding Wants & Needs

We bought together our youth and education freelance team and started working on our Queer Utopias youth work, 

We started to think about our experiences with young people, thinking about events and creative projects they would want, using consultation materials as a baseline for this.

It was a wonderful afternoon workshop asking honest questions about what we think has worked In the city and what things may not have worked for our LGBTQ+ young people. What we have devised, at this stage, feels reflected and grounded in the interests of the young people we work with. Daily.

We’re looking forward to trialling this work with the 4U & 4ME youth group asking for our young people to both take part as a participant and observe the space, able to offer meaningful feedback for a truly integrative and beneficial experience for both our facilitators, the young people and of course the integrity of the work itself.

Josh & Courtnee attended some really amazing training with our partners at City of Sanctuary, as part of our ongoing communication with the organisation- thanks to Shamila! 

Queer Joy – Campaign Launch

Attached to our queer mapping project we launched our Queer Joy campaign, this materialised as both a physical poster campaign and a series of Queer Joy responses from our volunteers and participants telling Portsmouth what, who and where brings them Queer Joy.

During what has been quite a difficult time for Queer & LGBT people finding and turning the narrative around to ‘Joy’ feels needed and necessary.

Tickets Available

Finally Sticky Floors and Palm Tree continues with tickets now available.

It’s a different show with the similar Downtown Pompey convention; hyper locality wrapped in our queer kaleidoscope! 

Tracie has been poster and coaster dropping around Portsmouth engaging with punters with our ongoing facebook campaign which collects personal photos and stories.

As always thanks to New Theatre Royal Portsmouth & Arts Council England for allowing us the stage to tell these stories.