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Downtown Pompey is a performance based organisation bringing together a variety of local communities in Portsmouth, through queer art practices; offering a space to explore identities and understanding that everyone has a voice and a place to be heard.


Downtown Pompey provide incredible artistic opportunities to those who would not have previously stepped into the spotlight, the story telling is raw and inspiring for so many and is wonderful to see.

Downtown Pompey does so much to bring the community together and provide a platform for like minded folk to meet and share their stories through the arts. Downtown Pompey brings together folk from so many different backgrounds and unites them through shared lived experiences.

Downtown Pompey is pro-active in its support and positivity, foregrounding and showcasing the diversity of the city and supporting people in being themselves and claiming the right to be and the right to live without discrimination, exclusion or negative societal characterisation.

Downtown Pompey is doing incredible work to create a safe space for Portsmouths queer communities.

They offer such care and thought to the space they provide for LGBTQ+ and other folk in the city, I could not recommend their work enough. They lead with integrity often in the face of everyday discrimination, and support people in the local community through empathy to explore differences and our common human experiences.